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Hi, I'm Gil Polanco from San Antonio, Texas.  I've been playing drums in town for a while with True Stories, The Lesti Huff Band, Eddie & The Allniters, and The Whitinos from Minneapolis.  You can find out more about the bands and other stuff going on by clicking on their links above.  This site is dedicated to projects I'm working on, my life, and stuff I'm interested in.  I hope you'll enjoy exploring through the links.

I'm a pretty busy guy and work on quite a few projects.  I'll be providing links to  several projects and experiences as time goes on.  Besides music, one of my loves is photography which you can view at and features photos I've taken over the years.

Since I've been known to spin a yarn or two, writing has become another of my obsessions.  I started writing essays for the Annual Multi-Cultural Conference which is held at San Antonio Community College about five years ago.  I'll be presenting my fifth essay "You People" this coming April.  My previous essays, What Wall, What Complex, and King Kong have been published in the conference journal Voices.  A Circle of Stuff should be published in this year's journal.  I have also just published "For Reals!  Observations by a Brown Guy" through Publish America which can be purchased at so buy one for everyone you know.  In fact, it's no longer over-priced!

I'm now working stories for the sequel to "For Reals!" which is titled "South of the Northside  as well as a new novel loosely based on the Popol Vuh entitled "After Olin" which is kind of a cross between Apocalypto and The Postman.  I'll soon be posting a link to my literary efforts.

I'm proud to have worked with some really musicians.  I've recorded with The Whtinos (Heathens Rejoice), my brother (Hot Tamales a San Antonio Tribute to Robert Johnson), True Stories (Estilo San Antonio), The Lavens (Sibling Rivalry), and Lesti Huff (Where Was The Love).  I'm currently working in the studio with Eddie & The Allniters and The Lesti Huff Band as well as a project with Lee Woods.  I'm in another new project Cajun Blue with Ray Symczyk and Stacy Berlfein.

The first sound file you see below my picture is "WTF?" which is my country song performed by me with Sly McGee and El Rob Of The Tundra.  The second file is "Walking on Stilts" which is incomplete but is the impetus for "After Olin."

I want to encourage you to support live music and its performers every chance you get.  No matter what your preference, there's a band somewhere that will lift your spirits. 

Please help the environment by planting a tree.  Although I don't worship with Cult of Algore, the Earth really needs our help to get cleaned up.  Mother Earth has her own way of cleaning up things and one of her tools is the tree.  Trees breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen.  Deforestation destroys these natural air filters.  UNEP has set a goal of planting a billion trees a year but they need your help.  Please pledge to plant a tree at

Forget carbon credits!  Plant a tree!
Supporting military families since 1905!
Walking on Stilts
Plant a tree for a healthy planet!