Like all drummers, I'm just goofy for drums.  If I had my way, I'd own about twenty kits.  Sadly, I currently own only three kits.  I feel quite deprived. 

As a kid, I played on a mish-mash of kits and then I joined the Navy and I stopped playing drums for about 13 years.  I bought a CB 700 in 1988 and began to terrorize my neighbors in Oak Harbor, WA.  They were glad when I got transferred to Minnesota where I could terrorize my neighbors in Bloomington.  That drum kit eventually got stolen.  I thought it was a little suspicious when the neighbors threw a huge party the day the drums went missing.

I got transferred to Alameda, CA and got an old beat up Tama, sold that and got a rebuilt Remo which I didn't like very much.  I sold that and picked up a Tama Super Star which I sold in 2003.  With that money, I bought a beautiful Ludwig Birch Classic five-piece kit from Groth Music in Bloomington, MN which is a really cool store.  There's a picture of it below. If you want to check out different Ludwig sets, go to for a good look at their stuff!

I also had an Eames custom kit pictured below.  The 18" kick really packed a punch.  The shells are hand-made in Boston and they used both Ludwig and Rogers hardware.  I bought this one at Krazy Kat in San Antonio which is a great place to buy quality used equipment.  The guys there are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Check out their site at and see what they have to offer.  I eventually got rid of the Eames and have since regretted it.  I'm saving my pennies to get another one.

I picked up a Gretsch Catalina which a lot of people are playing these days.  It's a real nice practice kit that can easily handle small venues.  It's a pretty kit, but I'm planning to sell it to help pay for the Eames.  The kick is 18" and is surprisingly warm.  The Evans Emad head works really well for this drum.  I really like the snare because it's very crisp and cuts through anything without being irritating.  Its a very musical drum.  If you're interested in buying the kit, Please email me.

Right now, my pride and joy is the drum kit that I built which I'll talk about in a minute.

I use Sabian cymbals exclusively.  I love the Studio ride and the AAXplosion crash is great.  I'm glad I didn't take a close up of the cymbals because they really need a cleaning.  I'm doing that tonight.... really!
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Here's the Ludwig Birch Classic.  It's a really great kit!
The Eames.  How I miss her!
Above is the Gretsch Catalina which is for sale.  To the right is a cocktail kit I built.  The main drum is 18" X 18" which can convert into a kick.  The idea was so I could build a small custom kit around it and use it as a standard kick as needed.
Now this is my baby.  I started with the kick/cocktail drum and then built around it.  The snare is 13"X6 1/2", the rack tom is 10"X10", and the floor is 13"X13".  The shells are maple and they sound great with Evans heads.  I bought the shells and hardware online through which provides free drilling and edging if you buy the hardware at the same time as the shells.  The entire kit ran just over $800.00 which is a steal for a quality custom kit.
Side view of the snare drum.
Another view of the snare
Three views of the the rack tom