(left toright) Brother Dave Rodriguez, Jeelbear, Augie Meyers, and Jim Beal at Casbeers.
It was a great night of fun and music!  It was also a near disaster of Jeel's gluteous maximus.  Right after the picture was taken, Little Johnny (not shown) was lighting a cigarette and somehow lit Jeel's pants on fire.  Jim Beal, with no regard for his own safety, lept heroically to the rescue and slapped the smoldering Jeel's lovely bum with his bare hands to put out the fire.

Jim's hands were incredibly soft and gentle.  I like Jim.
This is Barb, co-owner of Casbeers.  She's real nice.  Her husband, Steve, is also a great guy, but I don't have a picture of him.

My daughter, Xenia, thinks that Barb looks like the elf queen from The Lord Of The Rings.  Well, she does have  magical smile.
Tracy Lynn Tucker is a pretty lady with a pretty voice to boot!
Here's living proof that drummers run around in gangs.  Urban, Lloyd, Kat Daddy, & Jeel hanging out between sets during a jam session at the now defunct Bayous Overlook Saloon.  Lloyd!  How 'bout them legs!
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Hey!  I just added a couple of new pics below!
Here I am in 1994 in Dubai, UAE performing with Safe Working Load.  This was a band of guys from the USS CARL VINSON.  We all had a blast playing there as well as Jebel Ali, Perth Australia, and Hobart Tasmania.  Holy crap!  After looking at this picture, I gotta lose weight!
Here I am again with Safe Working Load.  We're playing on the flight deck of the USS CARL VINSON in the middle of the Indian Ocean.